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For Publishers

snapROI offers publishers a turn-key local ad syndication system that displays hyper-relevant local business content to your visitors. When a customer finds your site, they’ll find a wealth of information about businesses that can service their need. They can then contact those businesses by phone.

And because all leads generated through your efforts are trackable, you’ll be able to log in to your snapROI account dashboard and review activity in real-time. Generating revenue from your existing traffic has never been easier, and your eCPM will soar!

So if you’re a publisher that wants to generate higher returns on your traffic, contact snapROI today and learn more about how our publisher solutions can help!

  • Why snapROI?

    We make offering a phone lead product to your businesses simple. The result is more revenue for your organization & happier member businesses, all with almost no overhead required from you!

  • Testimonials

    As the Steamatic Ad Group manager, I can say confidently snapROI's program produces the strongest returns of any of our programs.

    Pam Harper
    Engage Sourcing