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For Associations

snapROI will make your members’ phones ring with customers that need their service. And because our technology is private-labeled, it will be your association that is making it happen.  What happens when you offer a service that shows your members they’re growing because of their membership with you?  Higher member retention rates, more members, and more revenue for your association!

Custom Integration

snapROI can be seamlessly integrated within your existing web site. Once integrated, we turn your member locator into a resource consumers will use and your members will know is making their business grow. By introducing proprietary technologies, any phone calls or other communication initiated will be tracked.

Lead Generation

Not only will your own site generate new customers for your members, but snapROI’s expansive ad network will also go out and generate phone leads for them as well. Our ad platform represents over 90% of the places consumers search for local service professionals on their computer or mobile device. This means that anywhere someone is looking for a service your members provide, they’ll find them! But your members don’t pay for this exposure, they only pay when a purchase ready customer calls them directly!

Lead Management

At the core of snapROI’s technology is the transparency to know exactly how well our phone leads are doing to help your members grow. At any time, your members can log in to their own online account dashboard, review their account’s activity, analyze each phone lead, listen to calls, report revenue, and know to a penny their exact ROI.

So if you’re an association interested in providing a solution that proves its value to members, request a demo to learn more about ways snapROI can help!

  • Why snapROI?

    We make offering a phone lead product to your businesses simple. The result is more revenue for your organization & happier member businesses, all with almost no overhead required from you!

  • Testimonials

    As the Steamatic Ad Group manager, I can say confidently snapROI's program produces the strongest returns of any of our programs.

    Pam Harper
    Engage Sourcing