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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Builders Association of Central Massachusetts. The BA of Central Mass is our most recent HBA partner on the FindMyHomePro program, a program snapROI is offering exclusively to local HBAs. After speaking with Executive Director Guy Webb, it quickly became clear that FindMyHomePro fit nicely with the association's goals for 2012 and that helping their members get new customers and grow their business easily and cost-effectively was of paramount importance. We're looking forward to working with Guy and his staff and are eager to begin helping their Central Massachusetts' members get new customers through FindMyHomePro!

We are happy to announce a new partnership with the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines!  As associations like the Des Moines HBA look to help their members succeed in today's challenging climate, they often receive one very clear request: help us get more customers! In response to those requests, snapROI and the Des Moines HBA are teaming up to provide the program, an exclusive lead generation program designed to make HBA members' phones ring with new customers! "We're extremely excited about the opportunity to help Creighton and his team at the Des Moines HBA," snapROI CEO Matt Buchanan says.  "Local HBA's are on the front lines of helping the home improvement sector prosper, and we're confident that with their valuable resources and strong relationships with local contractor members, we can provide an advertising program that makes a huge impact on their bottom line." Stay tuned for more updates on as we expand the program to help other local HBAs provide a value-add service to their members!

Just in Time…mobile surpasses web!

Posted in: News |June 20, 2011 , | by admin

According to a recent study by Flurry, mobile app usage has surpassed web browsing.  For years we have heard 'This is the year of mobile!'  Well it's clear mobile is truly here!  While most mobile usage for local has been confined to 'Eat, Play & Drink' searches, snapROI has noticed a significant uptick in leads to service professionals from our mobile efforts. It's because of that recent success that we have circled back and are launching a new initiative with another leading mobile publisher.  While it's too early to tell, we feel confident this new partnership will open up even more opportunities for our advertising clients to generate new customer leads!  We will continue to pursue additional mobile opportunities and look forward to ensuring our advertisers continue to have an optimized presence wherever today's customers are searching!

Announcing the Launch of Our New Site!

Posted in: News |June 16, 2011 , | by admin

Since launching, we've spent all of our time focused on helping our clients succeed.  It's finally time we show ourselves some TLC, so we've launched our new site.  We'll continue to update the site with more information about our company, our clients' success, and other things related to the local lead generation space.  So stay tuned!