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Affiliate Program

If you’re a publisher with quality traffic and frustrated with the current monetization options available to you, snapROI’s exclusive phone lead generation widget can help!

How Does It Work?

snapROI has a roster of local business advertisers, primarily in the home service space, that are willing to pay for qualified phone calls from potential customers.  This means snapROI can provide a simple widget that you can embed within your own site that will allow to monetize phone calls in addition to form leads, clicks, or any other calls to action you have on your site.

snapROI also makes it easy for you to track in real time your commissions.  We provide a web dashboard that gives your real time insight into your activity, payouts, etc.

Why Does It Work?

If you’ve been focused on form leads, the reality is you’re missing out on the majority of customers.  90% of customers will not blindly submit their personal information into a form, regardless of how well you’ve optimized your landing pages.  Instead, most customers want to control the conversation, want to research companies and then contact them directly.  snapROI makes the possible, and the result is you can now tap into the majority of consumers without cannabalizing your existing form lead monetization.

What Should I Expect?

Depending on how prominent our widget is displayed on your site, you can expect a 3 to 4 times increase in conversions from your existing form lead call to action.  While you’ll still continue to generate form leads from consumers that would prefer to have multiple service providers contact them, you’ll now be able to generate revenue by helping other consumers that want to control the conversation.  Higher eCPMs are just a widget away!

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in learning more about our unique affiliate program designed to allow you to monetize phone calls, please email us at and provide us some information about your company, type of traffic, etc. and we will contact you directly.

  • Why snapROI?

    We make offering a phone lead product to your businesses simple. The result is more revenue for your organization & happier member businesses, all with almost no overhead required from you!

  • Testimonials

    As the Steamatic Ad Group manager, I can say confidently snapROI's program produces the strongest returns of any of our programs.

    Pam Harper
    Engage Sourcing