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About Us

snapROI is a Denver, Colorado based company founded in 2008. We’re transforming the local advertising space by making phone lead generation easy and effective. We believe that the performance-based marketing space is missing the mark by focusing on clicks and form leads. What most consumers and local businesses want is the ability to speak with each other by telephone. snapROI makes that easy…and the results for all parties involved in that interaction are profound.

Our Management Team

Matt Buchanan

As co-founder and managing partner of Sagax Media, LLC, a web-based lead generation company that has generated hundreds of thousands of qualified leads for its customers since its founding, Matt has vital experience managing & growing profitable lead generation programs that benefit consumers, local business, as well as web publishers.  From product and business development to customer support and billing, Matt has worn all hats and understands the unique challenges and opportunities present within the space.  Matt has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Human & Organizational development, meaning he plays nice with others.  Matt and his wife, Anne, live in Denver and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer…golfing, snowboarding, camping, rafting, and cornhole tournaments in the park!


Nick Pleis

As snapROI’s CTO, Nick manages all of our technology development efforts.  Prior to snapROI, Nick was responsible for heading Photobucket’s and prior to that was the lead developer at Quickoffice.  Nick and his wife, Letitia, live in Denver’s swanky Highlands area, where they enjoy scolding their dogs and being beer snobs.


Mike Safko

Mike works as a software developer at snapROI, overseeing much of our technology’s front end applications.  Prior to snapROI, Mike was a rocket scientist…no kidding.  His job involved making sure things that went up didn’t come down, or at least came down as planned.  Mike and his wife, Megan, also live in the Highlands with their two labs.  Mike grows beer and longs for the day when Philadelphia sports teams are relevant.



Mike Dorsey

Mike recently graduated from Stanford with a joint MS-MBA.  Previously, he founded a SaaS web marketing and lead generation business, Sagax Media, which he grew to profitability, despite being bootstrapped, in 18 months.  In addition to his domain expertise in web product strategy, monetization, team-building, and launch ops, he has developed his skills in Computer Science and product management in his coursework and entrepreneurial ventures at Stanford.  At snapROI, Mike oversees product strategy and business development efforts.

  • Why snapROI?

    We make offering a phone lead product to your businesses simple. The result is more revenue for your organization & happier member businesses, all with almost no overhead required from you!

  • Testimonials

    For every dollar I spend with snapROI our company generates $10 in revenue...that type of ROI doesn't grow on trees.

    Brad Horn
    Kentucky Clean Air